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Name:Sally Lola Jennings
Birthdate:Jun 21
Location:Dobbs Ferry, New York, United States of America
Website:♥ dreamlikenewyork

Mine is not a heart of stone,
I am only skin and bone,
And those little pieces
are little pieces of my own.
Why don't you give me some love?

- give me some love | james blunt -

Sally Lola Jennings is the eldest child of Heather and Joe Jennings. She has a younger sister, Lila, who is 2 minutes younger than her, and two younger brothers: her twin Brett, who is 9 minutes younger than her, and Zed, who is two years younger than the triplets, and came to their family as a foster child. She, Lila and Brett were in their first year of college when Zed arrived, and as far as they were all concerned, he was their brother in every way but blood. Zed was a bit messed up when he arrived to live with them, having come from an abusive family who wouldn't give up their parental rights to him so Sally's parents could never adopt him. It didn't matter. Despite the tough start Zed had adjusting to the new family environment, he soon knew they all cared about him unconditionally.

Zed coming into their lives came in the wake of a difficult time for Sally. In her junior year at high school, her boyfriend of almost two years, Mick, committed suicide after becoming the victim of bullies. Mick was deaf, and not long after they started dating, Sally began to learn sign language and soon became fluent. She and Mick were the epitome of high school sweethearts, and were made Prom King and Queen at their senior prom. Though, life just got too hard for Mick, and he fell into a depression wondering how he would cope in the real world if he was so abused in high school. One night, without a note or a word to anyone, Mick too an overdose and the paramedics didn't get to him in time to save him.

Sally was devastated and she went through a pain she never thought could ever be that bad. Zed arriving was an incredible help to her, and she realised he had probably gone through a lot of the same emotions as Mick. She had an understanding for him, and as a result, she, Sally, Brett and Zed became quite close... though Zed was always quite secretive and quiet. But that was okay. They never pushed him. They didn't need to know what he wasn't up to talking to them about. That was always the silent understanding the family had.

Losing Mick, Sally resolved she wanted to work in the field of assisting deaf people. She went to college and studied social work, and qualified as an expert in sign language. Once she had the sign language diploma, she started to work as a translator for deaf people and still does that job to this day, however it is now part time. Recently, after finished with a Masters in Social Work, she has commenced her PhD in Health Promotion, focusing on brain-injured children who can learn sign language as a means of communication when they have lost all other ability to communicate as a result of the injury. She is the Director of a new pilot program at Mount Sinai, where she has just commenced working with Jesse Hartley, who is studying to become a Nurse Practitioner in Brain Injury Medicine. As a result of working closely with Jesse on their team, she came to learn about Jesse's husband, Jace., who suffered a brain injury as a child and learned sign language at the time. He is now fluent, and Sally hopes Jace will agree to come work with their patients as a mentor in their learning process, though he is understandably resistant.

Sally hasn't dated since Mick, but she is open to a relationship with the right special person. She loves her job, and is fortunate to have been able to use her pain to turn it into something to help others. Her family are her world, and she would kill for her siblings.

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